The Chick of Inner Spring

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Here we are living in a time which some would argue to be the most quite time we experienced as a race. A chaos of emotions could be taking place within us, and the ups and downs are more apparent than ever before. We surf our waves between anger, fear, and sadness, to compassion, acceptance, and rebirth. This last month had revealed a unique challenge we experience together, and our world as we know it has changed overnight. New emotions that might not make sense at a glance might surface sometimes, so remember that all emotions are real and acceptable. All we need is to recognize them, define them, and let them flow.

For the past 32 days, I have been practicing social distancing at my family’s home where I grew up. None of what we are experiencing right now is usual, so may this time of change rise as the beginning of greatness to us and mother Earth. We are so fortunate to have been prepared to navigate this challenging time through our practice of fertility awareness and menstrual cycle awareness without extreme resistance. These practices are grounding, and geared to enable a connection between us and nature. During my last period, I felt both sadness and pain more than usual, as if I was mourning the entire earth. I shed some tears and allowed my body to take the wheel in absolute surrender. That was my body's reminder of the cycles of life and death within my body and the earth, and that we will be okay soon.

WE GOT THIS, MY FRIENDS! We have all the tools we need to navigate this “new normal” as we got to reconnect and become more aware of our bodies, through our awareness practices. We anchored our spiritual connection to the different phases of the cycle. We learned how to honor our mental health through prioritizing rest, sleep, healthy boundaries, and reducing stress. We are the ones who have the most creative spirits that rejuvenate cycle after cycle, and that mindful awareness of oneself that allows us to serve us, our families, and communities, in balance. Those are our super powers that crave to be practiced in real life, right now.

Pre-Ovulatory Phase (Inner Spring)

I write this blog post as I enter my inner spring. I feel like a chick hatching from its egg and looking forward to see a face it can call “mama” as I feel free of all fears and wrongdoings. Open to life as it is. I am currently drawing the primary map of how I envision this cycle to be. I allow myself to feel this surge of energy within me calling for a new life. I do that gradually. Slowly. I don’t want this spark to burn out before it ignites. I allow my curiosity to awaken, and new experiences to emerge. I do not carry strict responsibility here, yet I dare to dream with every bit of imagination I have.

This phase is a transforming phase of moving from absolute privacy in menstruation, to absolute exposure in ovulation, as both energy and hormones start rising together.

This phase is perfect to put down your seeds before you see them fruit, and trust the process. We can start putting a new family structure and individual routines to feel again like home. I suggest eating home cooked meals made with love, and drinking enough water throughout the day. Sleep for 8 hours each night, and move your body in whichever way it craves (Yoga is what my body is graving today) Then, we can motivate the "living in the here and now" by practices like meditation, and cycle charting.

What are your priorities? And I mean REAL priorities. Most of us are not able to function and give their 100%, and that is absolutely okay. If you are one of those people who like creating things with your hands, this is your chance to start new DIY projects, vision boards, and let your imagination lead. It is also a great time to start planning schedules and homeschooling structure, then write down few action steps to allow you -realistically- to achieve those priorities throughout the cycle. Let’s start here, to direct our energy where we want and envision ourselves to be.


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