1:1 Session

Because YOUR body is not mysterious!

Have you ever wanted to have a candid conversation about FAM, but did not know who to talk to? Do you need a second pair of eyes to make sure you are marking everything correctly on your chart? Are you planning to switch to a reusable menstrual product? Or maybe navigating your journey off hormonal birth control? If you answered yes to any of these questions, Body Chats 1:1 sessions are for YOU!

T E A C H I N G  W O M E N  A N  U P 

T O  9 9 . 6 %  E F F E C T I V E   

B I R T H  C O N T R O L  M E T H O D

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Building a community Through Body Literacy

Niswa is a multimedia platform that is dedicated to empowering women through reconnecting with their cycles, taking charge of their fertility, and making informed consensual choices regarding their health and environment.