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Who are We?

Niswa is a bilingual community made with love by women for women. We intend to create a safe space to talk out loud about our bodies, sex life,  ovulation cycles, and sustainability. Join us on this marvelous journey as we navigate our bodies' biomarkers and celebrate them together!

They said..


Inas, 1:1 Body Chats

My feminine journey began with you, with a real heartful voice. Thank you for taking my hand in navigating areas of my body that I have rejected and refused to confront. All your words were warm, full of love,  enlightening me. Thank you for being true to yourself and in so helping and supporting every woman who craves a  connection to herself and her femininity

They Said..

Taghreed, FAWN Course

My years-worth of curiosity found its answers in Niswa’s FAM course. I became KNOWING of my body and came out with a holistic view of who I am. Not limited to my productive days, but me as a whole.. Balanced, transformed, changing. ⁣⁣I’m so grateful that stars were aligned that I was able to gift this course to myself on my birthday.

They Said..

Fatima, FAWN Course

My experience of learning FAM was the most beautiful gift I’ve ever gifted myself. It had enhanced my belief in my body and it’s ability to communicate with me once I learned its language. I am IN LOVE with my body and accept my cycle and its different phases with enthusiasm.

Welcome to the Niswa's community! Share your info below to stay in the loop!

Thanks for choosing to share this journey with us!

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